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Kader's Cafe Mocha

Address:1501 Saint Paul St.
G floor Railway Express Lofts
Baltimore, MD 21202

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By Lee Gardner | Posted 12/24/2008

When we first heard Café Mocha was "relocating" from its small, trim storefront on Howard Street, a block behind City Paper, we were both sad and skeptical. Sad because, well, Café Mocha's ne plus ultra sandwiches often made our frantic office lunchtimes worth looking forward to; skeptical because a number of our favorite undersubscribed businesses have "relocated" nowhere, permanently. Lo and behold, Café Mocha lives, across St. Paul from Penn Station, and even though the walk is longer, that's good news. The roasted turkey breast sandwich ($5.95, with chips) survived the move intact: sumptuous moist turkey folded into a baguette-ish roll with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and good grain mustard (the secret weapon). A Mediterranean veggie wrap ($7.50 with chips) came out on the same baguette/roll hybrid (the wrap and the sandwich share the same order number on the menu), and the bread for both sandwiches was crusty-verging-on-chewy, but the tangy artichoke tapenade dressing on the squash, cucumber, tomatoes, black beans, and onions more than made up for it. And there wasn't too much feta, which is good, cause there wasn't supposed to be any. But even when things aren't perfect they're great at Café Mocha.

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