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Paul Chen Hong Kong Restaurant

Address:2426 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 1/14/2009

I have fond memories of Paul Chen's from my days living in Charles Village. It was the best Chinese food in the area, and when you eat in they give you a basket of fried wonton chips that you can drown in spicy mustard or sweet duck sauce. So it was with happy thoughts I headed to Paul Chen's all-you-can eat lunch buffet ($6.95). The food, unfortunately, did not live up to my nostalgia. There was a massive selection--beef, chicken, shrimp, and tofu dishes, spring rolls, egg rolls, cheese crab wontons, dumplings, battered shrimp, three soups, lo mein, fried rice, and on and on--and you'll certainly leave there full for a very reasonable price, but what you'll be filling yourself up with fails to impress. The food didn't look very fresh even for a buffet--some of the sauces seemed congealed, the dumplings were rock hard--and almost everything we ate was tepid. The flavors were fairly bland as well. The most successful part of the meal was the wonton soup, to which you added your own scallions and shredded pork. It was warm and flavorful and adding the extras at the last minute kept the whole thing from turning mushy. The basket of fried wontons was still in effect and as good as I remembered, but in general Paul Chen is best enjoyed for a la carte dining or delivery.

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