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Mel Guapo

Pickles Pub

Address:520 Washington Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21230

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 2/11/2009

Being a ball's throw away from Camden Yards, of course Pickles Pub is a sports bar, boasting close to 10 really expensive looking TVs throughout its wide, nearly block-long floor plan. Fine, but the risk with a sports bar is alienating non-sports obsessed customers, people who might be more into booze or socializing than staring at a flat screen. Pickles avoids that pitfall by keeping the TV presence at a minimum while making damn sure you can check the score from any corner without straining your eyes. The bar is comfortable and spacious and the patronage cuts a wide swath from sports fans to Pigtown locals to the University of Maryland med school crowd, giving it a neighborhood vibe that belies the monolithic, sterile Hilton a block over. Drinkwise, the bar is nothing to write home about with eight or so taps of mostly mid-range-priced macro brews ($3.50 for a Yeungling, $4.50 for a Stella). They have liquor, but on a recent evening, everyone but us was drinking beer. We ordered whiskey/ginger and vodka/tonics and were surprised to get doubles on both rounds, priced reasonably at $6.25 and $4.75 respectively. (We also scarfed a plate of fried pickles for about $5 and recommend you do, too, because they kick the shit out of the ones at Rocket to Venus.) Best of all, this is the only bar we know of that has a cornhole setup. Google it.

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