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By Wendy Ward | Posted 2/25/2009

Leaving the Harbor East Whole Foods via Central Avenue always finds us singing "Kab-bobi" when we pass this tiny corner take-out joint that serves Indian food, but we waited until we were starving for lunch on a Friday afternoon to run inside and place a carry-out order. First impression: The interior did not smell like a kitchen cooking Indian food. Soldiering on, we ordered two sandwiches and a platter and waited for the proper spices to fill the air--which they did, along with the ding of a microwave. The spicy falafel pita ($6.99) was disappointing: bready falafel patties broken up and mixed with tomato, iceberg, a dull cream sauce, red onion, and hot sauce. The sliced meat in the Gyro ($6.50) had the right flavors, but there wasn't enough nestled in the soft pita with lettuce and sauce. The chicken kabab platter ($9.50) featured tandori seasoned meat and grilled onions served on basmati rice with a side of curried chick peas, a sad green salad dressed with sweet vinegar and oil, and a container of thin green sauce. While overpriced and dry, at least the taste of the chicken was correct. Overall, this carry-out would be good for a post-last call munch if it was open late, but it isn't. Every once in a while, Cheap Eats eats at the place you pass by all the time so you don't have to.

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