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Maria's Subs

Phone:(410) 528-2121
Address:222 N Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Edward Ericson Jr. | Posted 3/4/2009

Maria's is a pretty good deal, especially considering the downtown setting. The food court in the Charles Plaza is bedecked in tile and stylish lighting; it's clean without being sterile, and the tables and lunch bar are arranged usefully. The service at Maria's Subs counter is brisk and friendly. There are a wide variety of items on the menu including fried shrimp, burgers, hot dogs, gyros, and various salads. The fried fish sandwich ($5.65) is flaky and made of a real piece of fish, not a minced fish patty. The hard roll is crispy and mounded with lettuce and a decent slice of tomato, plus the requested pickle. The Maria's fries are just OK--a bit mushy and served in a smaller portion than some places offer, but still plenty of food. The cheese fries ($3.95), fared better. Heaped generously in a pie tin, they were piping hot, swimming in a mild cheese sauce, but not entirely uncrispy. Big ups on these even though we usually prefer plain fries. One serving is more than enough for three people. The cheesesteak ($5.65) is also amply proportioned, made with minced-up steak and provolone, and piled with, at least in our case, lettuce, fried onions and pickles. A ham and cheese sub ($5.65) with mustard gets a mixed review, the ham was maybe not as fresh as desired, though this may have been a function of there being more ham on the roll than we're used to.

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