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Anna Ditkoff

Bulkoki Corner

Address:400 W. Lexington St.
Lexington Market
Baltimore, MD 

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 3/18/2009

A friend has been singing the praises of Bulkoki Corner in Lexington Market so fervently of late that we just had to taste it for ourselves. The counter serves a variety of Korean dishes including jap chae with vegetables, kimchi stew, a seafood pancake, and, of course, bulkoki, a traditional roast beef preparation, but we only had eyes for the bibimbap ($7.50), which we had been assured was first-rate. We were skeptical--bibimbap in a Styrofoam container rather than a sizzling hot stone pot (dol sot bibimbap) seems kind of sad. Bulkoki Corner's version of the dish was a pleasant surprise. The friendly staff heap vegetables like bean sprouts, greens, and mushrooms on a mass of rice along with some beef, which seemed to be the bulkoki repurposed. A little cup of chili paste comes on the side so you can add to taste. The veggies were tasty and fresh--though a little pickled daikon would have added dimension--the beef was a bit chewy but flavorful, and the sauce was fabulous, with just enough kick to keep things interesting without losing the flavor to overwhelming heat. And did we mention that the serving was large? We ended the meal stuffed. So, Bulkoki Corner won't replace sit-down Korean restaurants in our bibimbap-loving hearts, but it may become our go-to place to eat in Lexington Market.

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