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Pub Dog Pizza and Drafthouse

Address:20 E. Cross St.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Mindy Mora | Posted 3/25/2009

If you're not one for the wild club nights and madness of the prime intersections of Federal Hill, no worries, you'll find a more laid back atmosphere at Pub Dog. Dog is an animal-friendly pub with a pleasant staff located in a two-level space on Cross Street, a two-level bar with that traditional Baltimore bar esthetic--dim lighting and ornate wood decor. It's an animal friendly pub with a pleasant staff. Its selection of house-crafted flavored beers includes peach, raspberry, and blueberry--we're talking good flavored beer, not the sugary, syrupy kind that makes you sick. It offers the "Dog Deal" (two beers for $4), a pretty good deal, though the mugs aren't quite as big as we'd like. It also offers tempting "Mixed Breeds," which are mixes of the house drafts such as the Reservoir Dog, a blend of Black Dog (an Irish stout) and Hoppy Dog (a seriously hopped-out American pale ale), or the Beagle, a smooth mixture of Peach Dog (a light peach beer) and Brown Dog (a smooth nut brown ale). Pub Dog is home to some of the best gourmet personal-sized, thin-crust pizzas you'll find in this town, as well. In short, it's a perfect place to get together and with good beer and pizza.

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