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Michael Byrne

Red Emma's Bookstore and Coffeehouse

Address:800 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 4/8/2009

Red Emma's has never felt like a "meal" kind of place. A light coffeeshop lunch of a bagel sandwich and a cup of soup, sure, but not much beyond. So, we were excited to see a panini press lurking behind the counter a couple of months ago and a handful of new sandwiches posted up on a dry-erase board. And, hey, it turns out they're good enough to keep us coming back on the regular. For $5, you can get a tasty Tofurky melt with soy or real cheese or a version of the "malapesto" bagel sandwich--mozzarella, pesto, and tomato, which is honestly kind of weird served hot. For $7, Red Emma's offers a Greek veggie panini filled with red peppers, mushrooms, artichokes, and other good vegan stuff held together by an olive paste. All are available in half sizes, which for a lunch is enough of the Greek veggie and the malapesto, especially with a spinach salad or cup of soup (miso or a rotating seasonal variety). Not to tread on old wounds, but Red Emma's has had a bit of a rep in the past for being stand-offish in terms of service, but we're happy to report a run of good vibes that's been going on since, like, at least last summer.

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