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An Poitin Stil

Address:2323 York Road
Timonium, MD 21093-

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By Jami Katz | Posted 4/8/2009

Although the parking lot was pretty empty, An Poitin Stil had that inviting, "come on in and join us" vibe going on inside. This Timonium tavern seems determined to make its customers feel as though they are actually in Ireland rather than in an Irish pub right off of York Road. While there are several bars to choose from inside, the Stil has a small town feel with smiling, wrinkled faces filling up the stools at each one. Feeling as though we were in a different time period (or perhaps an episode of Cheers), a round of drinks put us at ease and we enjoyed the live band playing that night, though the loud and fairly generic rock music may have forced a few patrons to turn their hearing aids down just a bit. We sampled the Classic Irish Martini--a bit of a contradiction in terms--which was from the school of anything in a martini glass is automatically a martini. It was surprisingly satisfying, giving our tongues an overwhelmingly sweet hit of Irish whiskey and peach Schnapps that was worth every penny of the $7 price tag. All in all, An Poitin Still makes for an interesting, laid-back night with some good ole (or old) folk to keep you company.

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