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Quigley's Half-Irish Pub

Address:633 Portland St.
Baltimore, MD 21230

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 6/3/2009

I'm fully aware these bar write-ups should be mostly about the booze and food should come second, but this place put effing sliced American cheese on my already weak-ass $9 nachos. C'mon. Otherwise, this place is just alright. The room is really nice, with windows all around and lots of wood and the usual bar knick-knacks. Quigley's has two taps, one Guinness (natch) and the other some local or in-house lager that's OK. If you're into ironic malt liquor, they've got that, too. The music was radio alternative crap, but I was asked if I minded and said no, so that's on me. The location is nice, a quiet corner in the sorta weird yuppie part of Pigtown, but that makes it a destination kind of bar unless you live in the yuppie part of Pigtown or you're going to a game, and it might not be worth the trip.

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