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Michelle Gienow

Kibby's Restaurant and Lounge

Address:3450 Wilkens Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21229

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By Erin Sullivan | Posted 7/1/2009

There's not a whole lot going on in this section of Wilkens Avenue, which is kind of surprising considering St. Agnes Hospital is also located here. In most neighborhoods where there's a hospital, there are usually one or two bars/restaurants at the ready to quench the thirst and feed the bellies of the hospital workers just getting off shift. But Kibby's is the only such place on this block. It's a comfortable neighborhood bar and restaurant, which does attract the kind of crowd you'd expect for a strip-mall joint across from a medical center: nurses in scrubs sometimes stop by in the evenings, the occasional man in a business suit having dinner at the bar, lots of local folks checking in at the only watering hole within walking distance. The ambience is a little bit of a mixed bag--dark old wood looks inviting and warm, but the lighting in the place is just a little too glaring; you can watch TV at the bar, but if someone plays a song on the super-loud jukebox, you won't be hearing much of anything; video horse racing and Keno compete with one another right over the bar as well. But we don't let that deter us: Drinks are cheap, the food is decent. That's really what's most important.

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