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Erin Sullivan

Bourbon House Lounge

Address:2821 Wilkens Ave.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Erin Sullivan | Posted 7/8/2009

This used to be one of our favorite dive-y diners. Once called the State House Diner, it's now a barbecue joint. A window sign boasts that Bourbon House serves the best ribs in town--that was all we needed to give it a shot. Let us be clear: The ribs were good--delicious even--and available by the half rack, full rack, as part of a sampler, etc., but that was about the only item in our order that the kitchen actually had in stock. On the evening we showed up, we ordered a pork chop dinner ($7.75), which advertised one chop, smothered in gravy, with two sides. We ordered sweet potatoes and mac 'n' cheese. A few minutes after placing this order, our patient waitress came out to apologize and let us know there was no mac 'n' cheese or sweet potatoes. The only available sides were black-eyed peas with rice and collard greens. We accepted those substitutes. A few minutes later, someone else came out of the kitchen to tell us that they didn't have any pork chops, would we accept a steak instead? Reluctantly, we agreed again. Good thing, since the guy then told us they had already cooked it for us. There was no gravy either, so they sent out some steak sauce. Suddenly, the meal we ordered was no longer the meal we ordered at all. Everything was OK, but the steak was way overcooked (we weren't given a choice of how we'd like it done, so maybe they just assumed we'd want it well). We also ordered a barbecue sampler platter ($13.50), which was supposed to include barbecued chicken, smoked sausage, ribs, and coleslaw. Half an hour after we ordered, we were informed that there was no barbecue chicken, and there was no sausage at all. Since the rest of our food had been delivered and mostly eaten, we took an order of barbecue wings and half rack of ribs to go. Again, the ribs were good. The wings were OK. Too bad we weren't able to try the sausage, the chicken, the sweet potatoes, the pork chops, or the mac 'n' cheese.

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