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Wendy Ward

DuClaw Brewing Co. Arundel Mills

Address:7000 Arundel Mills Circle
Arundel Mills
Hanover, MD 

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 7/8/2009

If you're shopping for a swimsuit this late in the season, good fucking luck. But, there's no crying in shopping and a refreshing beer at DuClaw in Arundel Mills Mall fits every time. Inside, DuClaw's bar features the same copper, metal, and steel décor with mustardy walls as the Inner Harbor location, and floating television screens hold little interest, especially coming in from the over stimulating mall or a movie. So even with piped-in Top 40, the sturdy black square tables and comfortable seating (with arms!) on the outdoor patio are the way to go. The above picture was taken in the early evening before the sun went down and the shopping was aborted, but come sunset, the parking lot fades into the evening's darkness, the neon DuClaw's sign glows, and the patio fills with folks drinking locally brewed beers in many flavors--including its five regular taps and the seasonals, which change monthly. Summer's 60 Degrees wheat beer, served with a lemon wedge, tastes lovely and light, not like some weightier wheats. There's food on the menu and umbrellas on the tables nearest the planters edging the space, but most importantly to some, DuClaw also offers ashtrays and attentive service--especially if all you want is another to drown your two-piece blues.

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