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Chris Landers


Phone:(410) 752-3335
Address:231 E. Redwood St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

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By Chris Landers | Posted 10/28/2009

According to their placemats, Werner's has been a "Baltimore Landmark" since 1950, and if the Art Deco-tinged wood paneling is any indication, the little lunch counter on Redwood Street hasn't changed very much. Convenient to City Hall, the Inner Harbor, and the Block, it's easy to imagine the political deals and lunchtime dalliances that have taken place here through the decades. Open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Werner's is really just a closing-hour change away from being an Edward Hopper painting. Oh, the food? It's diner fare in the $5 to $8 range. Breakfast all day and six kinds of club sandwich, with homemade specials on the chalk board. I went with a diner staple: grilled cheese with bacon and a side of fries, which came to $10 with a drink, and was filling, maybe a little bland, but strangely comforting. The service is quick and there's always room at the counter for a contemplative moment with a cup of coffee and a waitress who calls you "Darling."

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