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Wendy Ward

Emily's Cafe and Desserts

Address:4901 Springarden Drive
Baltimore, MD 21209

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 11/18/2009

Wikipedia says gluten is "a composite of the proteins gliadin and glutenin" and something folks with celiac disease must stay away from. Found in grass-related grains (like wheat and rye), gluten is hard to avoid in baked goods--staples of the upcoming holidays. Vegans often find themselves as limited as the gluten-free eaters when it comes to brunch and dessert selections. So here's our point: Emily's Cafe & Desserts in the Cold Spring neighborhood offers vegans donuts with or without gluten in packages of four ($3.50). These dense little bundt-cake-shaped donuts, made of mostly organic ingredients and plenty of cinnamon, are baked, slightly sweet, and come in three flavors. The gluten-free chocolate-dipped feature a dark, hardened shell of melted vegan chocolate, and the glazed gluten-free version sweetens the spicy treat with a light, sticky layer; both are tasty. The just-made cinnamon sugar kicked gluten-free's ass so hard it's almost unfair to compare. It's gotta suck to not eat wheat.

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