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Anna Ditkoff

Nam Kang

Address:2126 Maryland Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21218

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 12/23/2009

I recently stopped into Nam Kang for lunch. I wasn't thinking about having a thrifty lunch, I just had a serious hankering for a Korean hot pot. But it turns out, Nam Kang is loaded with lunch specials from jampong ($7.95), a spicy noodle soup with seafood, to the classic dol bab ($8.95), rice, veggies, and beef in a hot stone pot. I ordered the nakji dol bab--basically the same deal, but with octopus instead of beef--which at $9.95 hits the upper level of what one might consider a cheap lunch. But this was still a deal. Not only did I get a dinner-appropriate portion of the heavenly concoction--tender but not chewy octopus; crispy, perfectly golden rice; and a lovely array of veggies--but I also got a full array of banchan--little bowls of kimchi, Korean potato salad, pickled zucchini, etc. In fact, I ate so much banchan that I ended up with a full dinner's worth of octopus hot pot to take home. $9.95 might be a bit much for lunch--but for a lunch and dinner, it's a steal.

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