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Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich and former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele at a rally at Leon's.

Leon's Triple L Restaurant and Lounge

Address:5309 East Drive
Arbutus, MD 

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By Erin Sullivan | Posted 12/30/2009

Leon's is a fixture in Arbutus. It's operated in the same spot for almost half a century, serving basic diner-menu staples--burgers, omelets, club sandwiches--as well as some Maryland favorites, such as crab fluff, stuffed shrimp, and tomatoes stuffed with shrimp salad. The best meal of the day served at Leon's is breakfast--cheap, filling, and delicious. Hot cakes with two eggs will set you back a mere $4, and a ham and cheese omelet with toast and home fries just $3.75. We visited a couple of times during lunch and dinner (which, if you'd like, you can order in the dining room or in the bar, which is a dark room with its own entrance to the street) and found the more classic fare decent--breaded veal cutlet, $7.25 with two vegetables and a dinner roll--but the trendier "pub grub" to be less appealing. We ordered wings ($4.75), for instance, and had in mind the traditional bone-in buffalo-style wings, but what we got were boneless chicken nugget wingettes with some kind of peppery spice in the batter. So now, we stick to the home-style options on the menu--particularly the breakfast. Have we mentioned that it's cheap?

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