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Kaidanoff's Broadway Delicatessen

The Broadway Delicatessen

This location is closed

By Erin Sullivan | Posted 7/9/2003

Right on the main drag in Fells Point, practically dwarfed by the famous Bertha's to its left, Kaidanoff's Deli is a convenient spot for a quick, inexpensive bite to eat if you're just passing through the neighborhood. With a menu that sports both the typical Jewish deli fare--pastrami, corned beef, chopped liver, Kosher franks and pickles--and some fancy-shmancy combo sandwiches, it's got something to please most appetites, even vegetarians.

On our most recent visit, we passed up the Schmelvis (peanut butter, bananas, and marshmallow on multigrain bread, $4.20) and the John Waters (melted brie and cheddar, sliced apple and balsamic mayo, $6.95) in favor of the Pimlico: a BLT with turkey and brie on a baguette ($7.75), a tasty, if sloppy, variation on the traditional sandwich. We also ordered a turkey, brie, and pesto sandwich ($6.95, no special name for this one), which was a little salty but satisfying, and a potato knish ($1.95), which was tasty but was a little too chewy--as if it had been microwaved too long.

Next time we're in Fells Point, Cheap Eats will be stopping into Kaidanoff's again, this time to sample the more traditional New York-style deli fare: chocolate egg creams, corned beef reubens, and whitefish. Hey, it ain't Corned Beef Row, but it's no chopped liver either.

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