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Sea Blue

Address:433 Merryman's Lane
Baltimore, MD 

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 2/10/2010

RIP Kennedy Fried Chicken, but Greenmount's coming out ahead with Sea Blue, the new spot that's taken over the corner takeout counter across from Pete's Grill. The first thing you notice is a display case with the biggest filler-happy crab cakes you've ever seen, alongside rows and rows of stuffed shrimp waiting in line for the deep fryer. Too bad you've probably already ordered a $5 10-inch pizza to go. At least that's our excuse for not digging into one of those Old Bay and breadcrumb frisbees--or hitting the halal menu. The pizza is just so cheap and so good, the simplest combination of excellent sauce, tasty crust, and browned and bubbly cheese. And the fried chicken is aces, too. Last Christmas night we got a take-out pizza, but just couldn't resist getting a couple of dark-meat thighs to go. Sea Blue had some ready under the hot lamp, but the counterman insisted on making us a few fresh. And, damn, it was some fine bird. Also, if you ever need to gain three pounds in one night, we might suggest a fried chicken and pizza dinner, right before bedtime.

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