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Charcoal Deli

Address:22 Church Lane
Cockeysville, MD 21030

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By Bret McCabe | Posted 2/17/2010

When having to head north into the great suburban unknown during pleasant and sunny days, it helps to know that you can reward yourself with a stop at this kinda/sorta hidden pit-beef grill. Basically a walk-up stand offering a mouth-watering assortment of meats, its picnic tables out front provide a lovely spot to chow down on any one of its tasty sandwiches. The thing is, piping-hot meat sandwiches are the perfect midday belly bomb when its teeth-rattling cold outside and, yes, the friendly staff is still there cooking up the grub, only the grill man just might be wearing a hoodie. A turkey bacon club--a good stack of sliced smoked turkey topped with slabs of bacon squeezed between a roll with iceberg lettuce, tomato, and mayo--immediately warmed and sated a body thoroughly chilled during this recent cold blast. Don't sleep on the fries--fresh-cut with the skins still on--but if you're dining solo, the Jr. ($2.25) is more than enough. And while, no, you're not gonna grab a seat at the picnic table when the wind chill pushes the thermometer into the 20s, just grab a few more napkins, man up, and dig in right there in the car.

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