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The Laughing Pint

Address:3531 Gough St.
Baltimore, MD 21224

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By Andrea Appleton | Posted 2/24/2010

The Laughing Pint may look like your average windowless Highlandtown corner bar, but it's actually a homey hipster haven in disguise. Inside, rotating art exhibits adorn the turquoise walls, there's free wi-fi, cheap pool, and shuffleboard, and the staff is as friendly as they come. In fact, you might be bosom buddies with the bartender and three sheets to the wind before you realize the place even has a kitchen. But oh, does it ever. The juicy "pint" burger--with caramelized onions, bacon, tomato, and spinach-arugula pesto--is among the best in the city. (OK, so at $11 it's not exactly a "cheap eat," but it is so worth it.) And, like all the sandwiches, it comes with a side of spicy potato wedges or a bowl of creamy Havarti and cheddar mac 'n' cheese. The baked hot wings ($9) are vinegary and addictive, as well as skinless, so you can kid yourself that they're healthy. And there are lots of options for the meat-avoidant, like the sandwich piled with melted Havarti and slices of crisp apple ($7) or the homemade veggie burger ($9), which is delicious, and unlike many of its brethren, bears no resemblance to a shuffleboard puck.

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