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Tim Hill


Address:111 W. Centre St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Tim Hill | Posted 3/31/2010

The Five Guys franchise that resided in this spot was doomed. Greasy burgers and fries just don't fly with the workaday crowd. Sandwiches, salads, and soups--that's what works in the long run. So maybe SubWorks will hold up in this spot. It still looks and feels like the Five Guys, though, with the same color scheme, tables, and a redecoration that consists of a couple vinyl banners. But SubWorks has a good selection of soups and a small sandwich and salad menu that sticks with what works. We ordered a half sandwich and soup special ($6.99). The smoked turkey breast sandwich layered plenty of turkey, black olives, mushrooms, tomato, lettuce, provolone, and vinaigrette onto a nice, crusty ciabatta roll. It was a good sandwich, and would have been better with fresh mushrooms instead of canned. Same for the mushroom soup. Fresh tomatoes, whether hothouse or in-season, would also help immensely. The cheese steak sub ($6.40) was pretty good, with more chopped Angus steak than any cheese steak we've gotten around here, though the fixins were pretty slim. If the SubWorks folks can remodel the Five Guys funk away, and tweak the ingredients, they'll have a winner.

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