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Anna Ditkoff

Sweet Sin Bakery

Address:123 West 27th Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 4/14/2010

Being lactose-intolerant hampers your food choices, whether you're eating salad while everyone around you munches on pizza or sucking on a Popsicle while everyone else slurps up ice cream. Being allergic to gluten--a protein found in grains--is worse. But now, Baltimore has Sweet Sin Bakery in Remington/Charles Village to help both the lactose and gluten averse. Sweet Sin offers savory fare in the form of appetizers and entrées, but we went for the cupcakes ($2.50 each) and found a dazzling array, half of which were dairy and soy free and all of which were glutenless. We brought a dozen back to the office and had a lot of happy co-workers as a result. Our gluten-allergic intern was impressed by the moistness of Sweet Sin's chocolate cupcake with buttermilk frosting. As for the rest of us, we sampled flavors like chocolate peanut butter, carrot cake, key lime, chocolate cheesecake, black forest, lemon berry, and cookies and cream, and the consensus was that the icing was dynamite--airy, light, a bit too sweet for some, a perfect decadent treat for other--while the cake was moist and flavorful, but a bit too crumbly. And the cupcakes were large, but surprisingly light, which makes going back for seconds an option well worth considering.

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