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Tabor Ethiopian Restaurant

Address:225 W. Mulberry St.

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By Bret McCabe | Posted 4/21/2010

While taking a stroll on a sunny but cool midweek afternoon, you come across a cozy café filled with a handful of people sitting in small groups chatting over coffee and tea. The North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are still nil-nil in the first half on the television, tuned to an audible but inobtrusive volume. A cup of spiced Ethiopian tea ($1.25) gently warms your hand. Could anything make the moment any more satisfying? How about a tasty tray of five vegetarian Ethiopian dishes for a mere $8.99? The Tabor Ethiopian Restaurant offers this splendid lunch setting, and the food delivers a scrumptious balance of savory and spice. The atkilt wot--the familiar curried cabbage, carrots, and potatoes--delivers a piquant heat, and the gomen (collard greens) is solid enough you could live off it and nothing but for weeks. But the standout on this tray was a misir wot--a heavenly alchemy of red lentils and hot chili pepper--that lands in the mouth with a succulent, sharp, and momentarily intense heat. Everything, of course, is eaten with airy injera. Note: Five offerings are way too much for one person, but that's not going to stop you from trying to join the clean plate club.

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