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Edward Ericson Jr.

Lahore Kabob House

Address:700 Wise Ave.
Dundalk, MD 21222

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By Edward Ericson Jr. | Posted 5/26/2010

A sister outlet to the Charles Village restaurant by the same name recently took up residence in what looks like a former convenience store next to a bait and tackle shop in Dundalk. Six tables grace the gray tile floor before a wall of refrigerated drinks and a rack of candies and chips. The young lady behind the counter got our order wrong, omitting the Karachi chicken "chef's special" entrée, but she didn't charge for it either so it was partly our own fault for not noticing the low bill. Turns out the appetizers are more than enough for lunch on their own. We ended up with the aloo chole chaat ($4.99), a potato and chickpea mix with onions in a yogurt sauce and drizzled with sweet chutney. It's an excellent dish, mild but flavorful. The pakora (3.99), vegetables dipped in a chickpea batter and fried, was a bit lighter but even better. The menu is extensive for the modest setting; selections include the requisite goat and lamb dishes, curries and kabobs. Looks like the same workmen who patronized the former resident of the space are still getting used to the new menu, which also includes the full complement of pizza, wings, nuggets, and subs. The food is not fast, and that seems especially true of the Pakistani/Indian dishes. "You're waiting on a kabob?" one sturdy-looking fellow with a tattooed neck asked his co-worker with barely disguised contempt before returning to their pickup truck. Worth the wait.

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