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Anna Ditkoff

Mouth Party Caramels

Address:Various Locations
Towson, MD 

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 6/9/2010

Fine, if we absolutely have to sample locally made caramels, we'll do it, calories be damned. Mouth Party Caramels, made in Towson and available at several local grocery stores and coffee shops, live up to their name. To be fair, we've never actually had a bad caramel, but the 6-ounce assorted caramel bag ($8.99) we purchased at Eddie's of Roland Park was full of delights. The regular caramels were sweet and luxurious--a bit sticky, but it's a caramel, and you could have worse things stuck in your teeth all day. The sea salt caramels were a treat, with the salt offering a pleasantly tangy counterpoint to all that richness, though one taster wished the salt was more evenly distributed. The revelation were the chocolate caramels, which had a smoky coffee flavor with real dark chocolate notes intermixing with the sweeter caramel. The chief complaint among our taste testers was that the wrappers were greasy, but all were willing to overlook that while stuffing caramels in their pie holes. And if the yum factor isn't enough for you, Mouth Party donates 10 percent of its proceeds to cancer research.

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