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Mel Guapo

Chopaan Kabob

Address:1301 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Edward Ericson Jr. | Posted 6/30/2010

Sporting a new name and new management since our last review, the Chopaan Kabob has shifted its menu toward South Asian cuisine (though ice cream is prominently displayed), and become a bit uneven with the food. We ate here a couple months ago and loved the kabobs and the bread, if not the wait for them. The wait this time was again long inside the sparsely-appointed former Subway sandwich shop (it retains the Subway chain's trademark floor tiles and chair rails), made palatable by the presence of the Wimbledon match on a satellite-fed TV with entertaining Indian commercials. Our chicken tikka masala ($4.99) was amply proportioned. The brown rice with dates and carrot bits was colorful and just a little spicy, and the generous heap of white-meat chicken chunks were boneless, though a tad dry despite the oily sauce. A large side order of chick peas ($3.99) was disappointing--bland, mushy, and too oily, though the caramelized onions were a nice touch. The gyro ($6.99) can be had as lamb or chicken, our server advised (the menu says beef or chicken). We requested lamb, which was spongy and unremarkable, chopped into cubes instead of shaved. The sandwich--heavy on the sauce and sliced tomato-tops, light on the onions--was assembled flat on a paper plate and then wrapped. Gyros are usually a manageable challenge to eat with your hands, but this version would be extremely difficult to eat on the go.

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