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Towson Hot Bagels and Deli

Address:16 Allegheny Ave.
Towson, MD 

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By Lee Gardner | Posted 7/21/2010

The sidewalk tables crammed with young women in tanktops and young men in baseball caps outside this suburban spot attest to its popularity with students at nearby Towson University (an outpost recently opened on Boston Street in Canton as well). But is it a bagel find or cheap bellyfill? Inside the tiny, bustling storefront, the kitchen turns out a wide range of sandwiches, including a whole slate of "gourmet" constructions with celebrity names (e.g. the Charles Bronson). We stuck with the basics. A plain bagel with cream cheese and lox ($7.50), served sandwich-style and quartered, featured an ample amount of not bad but undistinguished salmon. The bagel was worth the price alone, though, with a near-perfect crustiness-to-chewiness ratio. A sausage, egg, and cheese on sesame ($3.95) arrived with bacon instead of sausage, but likewise drew no complaints. A salt bagel (95 cents each) toasted and smeared with butter the next morning didn't let down its forbearers. THB isn't a foodie destination, perhaps, but a good bagel is no small thing.

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