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Andrea Appleton


Address:2318 Fleet St.
Baltimore, MD 21224-

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By Andrea Appleton | Posted 7/28/2010

Geckos in Canton supposedly serves Southwestern food, but the presence of barbecue sauce and coconut may set off alarm bells for anyone who's had the real thing. (Not to mention the crab cakes, cheese steaks, and chicken fingers.) This would be forgivable if the food was good, but when we went it disappointed. The wild mushroom and cheese enchilada ($9.75) was mushy and uninteresting, despite the vivid pink tortillas. The tortilla burger ($8.25) was better. The meat was juicy, and the tortilla wrap kept the green chili--which was no great shakes--from dripping everywhere. It came with horseradish mashed potatoes which tasted fine, but had not a hint of horseradish. The Chesapeake chili ($5.25 for a cup) had a pleasant smoky edge, but the delicate flavors of crab and shrimp were swamped by the cloying flavor of the chili. As dinner came to a close, we ordered a margarita ($5) in the hopes of drowning our sorrows. But it was not to be. The drink was generous and rimmed with salt dyed a vibrant orange, but it was sickly sweet, kind of like a melted sno-ball. Next time we'll just play some pool and have a beer.

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