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Atalie Justice-Brown


Address:809 S BROADWAY
Baltimore, MD 21231

More on STUGGY'S.

Posted 8/11/2010

Using fresh and largely local ingredients to build you a wiener in a bun since, well, March of this year, Stuggy's has already gained a reputation for fancy hot dogs, and its web site logo calls them "old-fashioned." We beg to differ. What Stuggy's offers isn't gourmet or classic as much as the best you'd serve yourself if you had the time and creativity. Dogs and sausages at Stuggy's can be ordered your way, but we ordered off the "Specialty Dogs" list. The bean town dog ($4.69) is a "hot" (was not) sausage with lightly grilled green peppers and onions and a squirt of horseradish mustard. Decent. The Bmore dog ($4.89) starts with Stuggy's standard quarter-pound jumbo kosher dog (as do all of the following dogs) piled with huge cubes of fried baloney, natch, and finished with yellow mustard. Meat on meat, folks. Adding a bit of ketchup never hurt anyone, and out of the five dogs we tried, this is the only one that needed it. The late night dog ($5.99) is breakfast on lunch, as in a dog with thick sliced bacon, fried egg, and perfectly sauteed mushrooms. Mushrooms! Really good. The Cuban ($7.09) is almost a stunt dog and definitely a meal for two. Imagine a dog covered with baked ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, mojo (Cuban garlic sauce), and a pickle spear. But, the best in the bunch was, messy hands down, the Carolina slaw dog ($5.29) with spicy chili and creamy purple cabbage slaw. Crunchy, savory, smoky, and washed down with a Boylan fountain soda.

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