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Golden Gate Noodle House

Golden Gate Noodle House

This location is closed

By Brennen Jensen | Posted 7/31/2002

Won ton soup is a $1.50-a-bowl appetizer at most Chinese restaurants, but not the Golden Gate Noodle House. Here the won ton, to borrow a line from Campbell's, is the soup that eats like a meal. The roast pork won ton noodle soup ($5), our fave, features four hefty slices of pork (with that cool red crust) parked atop four or five plump shrimp-filled won tons, all sitting on a tangled wad of noodles in a delicate, briny broth. For the same price you can get the soup with duck instead (but it tends to be a little fatty), or sans meat for $4.25. To really slake your won ton jones, order the Szechuan spicy won ton appetizer ($3.50). Eight of the little dumplings (some pork, some shrimp) come immersed in a pungent/tangy pepper sauce. Spoon some of them over into the won ton soup to give it added zing.

Beyond the won ton, Golden Gate covers all the Chinese bases, specializing in Cantonese cookery (the less-spicy cousin to Hunan and Szechuan). The Chinese-style greens in oyster sauce ($8.95) off the specials board was a bland, stalk-ridden disappointment. But the Singapore rice noodle ($7.25) was a heaping, rib-sticking pile of curry-tinged noodles, veggies, and mixed meats.

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