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S&J Carryout

S&J Carryout

Phone:(410) 467-6250
Address:419 E. 32nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218-

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By Brennen Jensen | Posted 10/2/2002

Call it a big tease. The sign above S&J Carryout reads KOREAN AND JAPANESE FOOD and sports a list of Asian offerings: sushi, shrimp udon, kag ki, shrimp fried rice. Stepping inside, we come face to face with a hand-lettered menu of straight-ahead, cooked-behind-a-Plexiglas-partition fast food: burgers, subs, chicken boxes, lake trout. The Japanese food? "It closed," the proprietress said, gesticulating to a vacant counter off to the left.

Hungry as all get-out, we lowered our expectations and ordered anyhow. The Korean staple bulgogi with rice ($5.00) is about as exotic as we could get. The serving of shredded, soy-sauce drenched beef and green onion was hefty, as was the companion mound of starch; a Styrofoam cup of kimchi came along for the ride. A filling, meat-lovers meal to be sure. The half-pound cheeseburger ($2.65) sported two rather bland patties on a sub roll. Adequate, but lackluster. The shrimp steak sub ($3.85 for half, $7.65 whole) sounded curious but proved to be just salty beef shreds with a smattering of dime-sized shrimps tossed in as a garnish. We filled ourselves on the cheap, but our udon jones was left wanting. Time to change the sign, folks.

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