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Fresh Fresh Seafood

Fresh Fresh Seafood

Address:507 York Road
Towson, MD 21204

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By Michelle Gienow | Posted 10/23/2002

Fresh Fresh Seafood is a true mom-and-pop restaurant--Darlene Parker usually works the front counter while husband Ricky works the kitchen. Everything is homemade, from the uniquely seasoned Maryland crab soup ($2.75 cup/$3.99 bowl)--chock full of veggies and shredded crab in a thick, slightly sweet gumbo-like stock--to the hand-cut (and breaded) fish with fresh, Old Bay-seasoned potato "chips" ($4.50).

There's an outstanding shrimp salad sandwich ($7.25) containing a full half-pound of large shrimp, delightfully dressed, on a whole-wheat sub roll (nice touch). What truly sets this place apart, however, are the delectable homemade side dishes--hearty, honest mac and cheese ($2), buttery steamed spinach ($1.85), and crunchy coleslaw ($1.85) made from Ricky's grandmother's recipe. I'd come here for the sides alone.

Since everything is made fresh just for you, expect to wait a bit. It's OK. You can contemplate the nautical décor, which includes the various iterations of Bigmouth Billy Bass. Or do as I did and stare at the array of fat slices of homemade chocolate cream cheese carrot cake ($2) until you become compelled to order one of those, too. Take me to the river.

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