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Asian Taste

Asian Taste

Address:916 W. 36th St.
Baltimore, MD 21211-

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 12/4/2002

Hampden is full of cheap and delicious Chinese food restaurants, so the opening of Asian Taste didn't seem like a big deal. That was until the sushi sign went up in the window. Affordable sushi in Hampden? What a great idea.

Sure, Asian Taste's sushi isn't going to make you swoon, but it is fresh, cheap, and convenient. And the lunch specials offer great deals in interesting combinations that go beyond the usual California roll, tuna roll, and cucumber roll. The combination meal of four pieces of sushi, a tuna roll, and two fat pieces of futomaki with a helping of miso soup costs just $6.95 and is thoroughly satisfying. The choose-your-own maki combos (regular $5.95, deluxe $6.95) with miso and salad give you control of your sushi destiny. And the chirashi don-raw fish on a bed of sweetly seasoned rice ($6.95) is phenomenal.

Unfortunately, ordering can be a painful exercise in miscommunication, and misunderstood orders and long waits seem to be the norm. The Chinese food is marginal, the chicken teriyaki is tough, and the shumai is unpleasantly mushy. But the restaurant offers a clean, relaxed atmosphere for a cheap and satisfying sushi lunch right in the heart of Hampden.

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