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Star Light Diner

Star Light Diner

This location is closed

By Michelle Gienow | Posted 7/30/2003

It's always a happy surprise to discover an eatery with a little bit of soul lurking amid suburban strip-mall dollar stores and dry cleaners. As such, the Star Light Diner is quite the find. There are some chrome and vintage Life magazine covers to contend with, but the Star Light is the real deal--not some faux Disney diner all about made-in-China '50s "nostalgia" dècor and $8 hamburgers.

Exhibit A is breakfast: two eggs, perfectly crisp-tender potatoes, bacon, and toast with real butter for $2.99. Giant glass of OJ a bargain at $1.40. Sage-suffused sausage gravy ladled with unstinting generosity over biscuits and hash browns, $4.99 for a platter that easily serves three. Breakfast here is simply but expertly prepared, cheap, and available whenever the Star Light is open--all as it should be in diner nirvana.

Lunch and dinner are equally fine, with an open-face turkey sandwich--real turkey--with gravy and cranberry sauce, $7.50, or meat loaf with mashed potatoes and one veg, $6.25. This being a diner that knows its place in the universe, there is pie--banana or Boston cream, lemon merengue, etc. --for $1.80 per slice, but we'd break with tradition at this point and go for the fantastic homemade bread pudding ($2.50).

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