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Brick Oven Pizza

B.O.P. Brick Oven Pizza

Address:800 S. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231-

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By Erin Sullivan | Posted 11/12/2003

Not all pizza is created equal, and this expatriate New Yorker is ever on the hunt for a reasonable facsimile of the pies from home. While the Brick Oven Pizza (with a sign outside its Fells Point window that just reads bop) hasn't put an end to the search, the place does make a great, wood-fired pizza that's closer than any others I've come across in Baltimore. A simple 10-inch tomato and cheese pizza ($7.95) was satisfyingly simple--the cheese was stringy and melted till it was golden (don't you hate it when the cheese on your pizza is reminiscent of warmed-over glue?), the sauce sweet and tangy, and the crust perfectly grainy (semolina, maybe?). At BOP, you're encouraged to "build your own," so we ordered a couple of slices ($2 apiece, plus extra for each topping) with our pie. Gorgonzola and roasted red peppers were pure salty-sweet yum, though they did weigh down the crust and make the slice tough to eat without a fork. Fresh-shaved garlic and sun-dried tomatoes were a little overpowering, especially when all you really want is good, old-school pizza. Stick to the old standbys: pepperoni, mild sausage, mushrooms, yes; crabmeat, sirloin, and fresh corn, no thank you.

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