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Christopher Myers

George's on Mt. Vernon Square

Address:Peabody Court Hotel
101 W. Monument St.
Baltimore, MD 21201-

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By Brennen Jensen | Posted 1/1/2003

Named after the "three Georges of Baltimore" (George Washington, George Peabody, and George "Babe" Ruth), this hotel-lobby eatery is crisply elegant, replete with piped-in baroque music and an ever-at-your-elbow staff. But don't let the wine-glasses-and-linens atmosphere fool you--George's could easily be called Mom's. It's a casual, sandwich-and-salad kinda place.

The Cheap Eats team began with a cup of Maryland crab soup ($2.75), whose red broth (a tad on the thin side) was well-infused with crab essence, if not actual crab meat. No real complaints about the attractively prepared Cobb salad ($7.25), which sported a plethora of ham, blue cheese, avocado, and egg on a mattress of fresh greens. The salmon in the salmon salad ($6.95) was a touch dry and under-seasoned, but the accompanying roasted red peppers drew praise. The chicken in the blackened chicken sandwich ($6.95) was also a bit dry--the over-supplied seasoned mayonnaise didn't help--and the waffle fries were mushy. All told, George's might not beat Donna's in a first-name-only food fight. But then its airy elegance makes for a pleasant change of pace.

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