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Harry Little Carry Out Shop

Harry Little Carry Out Shop

Address:6809 York Road
Towson, MD 21212

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By Christopher Skokna | Posted 6/19/2002

According to local tradition, Baltimore is a seafood town. According to the menus Cheap Eats finds daily on its stoop, this is more a subs/pizza kinda place. Part of Cheap Eats' mission is to find gems among this legion of takeout/delivery joints, even if it's just a better-than-average meatball sub. Having long heard good things about the venerable Harry Little franchise, we decided to check it out. Having done so, we suspect the boosters were ex-Towson University students who perhaps too fondly recall HL as a cure for the munchies or a hangover. Perhaps the nicest thing that can be said about the place is that it makes a better-than-average meatball sub.

Whatever the coeds liked about Harry Little they probably could have found at a dozen other joints. We sampled a bagful of subs, and everything tasted familiar--and not necessarily good-familiar. Tough steak, frozen fish, sorry-ass lettuce and tomato. The exception was that meatball sub ($3.70 half/$7.40 whole). It's advertised as "homemade," and we believe it. The well-spiced meatballs were soft and crumbly--a sure sign they weren't just taken out of the icebox and popped in the microwave--and the tomato sauce was pretty good. A very nice munchies/hangover cure indeed.

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