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Address:289 W. Main St.
Westminster, MD 21158

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By Christopher Skokna | Posted 1/15/2003

Sometimes Cheap Eats gets a little too excited about going out to eat. Having taken many meals at Baugher's while living in Westminster, he talked up the restaurant's great home-style cooking and even better desserts before a couple of recent visits. Well, the desserts are still fantastic, but the food was of the Mom's Wednesday dinner variety: good, but not worth inviting your friends over for.

First, we went for lunch and ordered up the Yankee pot roast (a daily special, $4.75), a hot turkey sandwich with fries ($4.75), and a side of cottage cheese with apple butter ($1). While the turkey and pot roast were more than serviceable--tender meat, savory gravy--true, gut-filling yumminess was missing. The roast's side of corn fritters and the melt-in-your-mouth fresh-baked dinner rolls were the meal's highlights. But then came desserts. The resolution pie--a special that mixed apples and blackberries, covered them with a walnut topping, and served it all with two scoops of butter pecan ice cream ($2.25)--and a small pecan madness sundae ($1.75) got us to resolve to never resolve giving up desserts. Dinner a few nights later produced similar results. Mediocre platters of fried scallops ($11) and chicken piquant (a special, $7.50) were followed by a large hot fudge sundae ($2.25) and a slice of red raspberry pie with scoops of vanilla ($2.35) that made the half-hour-plus drive worth it.

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