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Dizzy Issie's

The Dizz

Address:300 W. 30th St.
Baltimore, MD 21211

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 2/26/2003

The cozy, cozy brick fireplace in the back room of Remington's Dizzy Issie's elevates the term "dive bar" to a whole new homey level; "hangout" seems more appropriate. Go hungry for stuff you could make at home when you need to get out of the house, because the menu offers lunch-cheap prices late.

We started with large salad ($4), a healthy hit of plenty-to-share romaine topped like a pizza with cucumber half-moons, chunks of tomato, and thinly sliced white onion. The richness of the peppercorn ranch dressing soothed the crisp salad and tasted like they cracked fresh pepper over the top.

The turkey club ($5.95) began our journey to American Cheeseville, and damn, it was a good trip. The requisite three slices of toasted whole-grain bread sandwiched well-cooked bacon pieces, real turkey slices (you know, like they have a roasted bird back in the kitchen--yum), lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and American cheese layered and cut diagonally with fringed diner toothpicks. Munch city, with Utz ruffled potato chips and a pickle spear on the side. A side of carnival curly fries ($3) were pure whisper-light coated-ketchup vehicles. 'Nuff said. The grilled ham and cheese on rye ($4.25), with its tasty Canadian baconish ham and more of that American cheese, left grease kisses on napkins. Super yum.

Desserts seem ordered from a good sweets company, and the bartender/waiter warmed the tasty apple cake ($2.50) before he brought it over--sans American cheese.

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