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Casa Mia's

Casa Mia's

Address:711 W. 40th St.
The Rotunda
Baltimore, MD 21211

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By Christopher Skokna | Posted 4/10/2002

The search for a good slice of New York-style pizza in Baltimore is mostly hopeless--and, since the Yankees beat the Orioles two out of three last week, kind of sad--but it's still a worthy cause. Sometimes that search takes you odd places, like the ghost-town corridor in the Rotunda that used to be home to a movie theater and liquor store. There you'll find the mall's resident pizzeria, Casa Mia's. Act like a New Yorker and eat the pizza there. Neither take it home nor get it delivered. Pick a slice from one of the available pies, wait a few minutes for them to bake it a little longer, take it directly to one of the tables, and chow down.

The best slices we tried were the most simple: the pepperoni ($2.05) and the cheese ($1.80). They were big--about a sixth of the 16-inch pie--yellowed with grease, and gooey with mozzarella. The crust, while not as crispy as it should have been, was good enough. Casa Mia's attempts at "gourmet" were less successful. The vegetables on the slices of spinach/tomato and broccoli/tomato (both $2.25) and veggie (smothered in tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, artichokes, and onion, $2.75) were overcooked and not so fresh. Worse, the veggies were covered with way too much black pepper, obscuring their natural flavors. Isn't that what that shaker of red pepper is for?

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