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Royal Farms Store

Royal Farms Store

Address:920 W. 36th St.
Baltimore, MD 21211-

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 8/7/2002

There are moments in life when three powerful forces converge--lack of time, money, and food--and we find ourselves doing things we never thought we'd do, like eating at a Royal Farms. Consider yourself lucky if at this desperate moment you are within stumbling distance of the one in Hampden. Not only is it always spic 'n' span, this convenience store offers seating, and a variety of freshly prepared items that surpasses the usual prefab pimento-loaf sandwiches. Sidle up to one of the computerized ordering screens and touch your way through a menu that includes fried chicken and an array of sandwiches. For just $3.79 ($5.28 for a combo with a side and soda), you can get a perfectly serviceable seven-inch Italian-cold-cut sub with your choice of cheese and any of more than a dozen toppings. But the real revelation here is the breakfast sandwiches. You get to design your own. Croissant, bagel, or toast? Sausage, bacon, ham, or steak? Eggs scrambled or fried? After I placed my order one bleary morning I was shocked to see the woman behind the counter reach for an actual egg, which she proceeded to cook just for me. No microwaved egg patties or egg juice here. Just skip the hash browns--they taste like fried chicken and have the consistency (and appearance) of a greasy pizza box--and you'll do fine.

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