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Stewart's Rootbeer

Stewart's Rootbeer

Phone:(410) 686-2065
Address:8202 Pulaski Highway
Baltimore, MD 21237

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By Michelle Gienow | Posted 8/21/2002

I can personally certify that the Pulaski Highway Stewart's Rootbeer has not changed since the Carter administration. The restaurant building itself, with a few minor cosmetic changes, is just as remembered, and the menu has altered not one whit (except for the addition of "Ocean City" fries). Prices are super-low, and the food is great: salty-greasy-cheesy old-school hamburger-hut fare. The tangy, meaty homemade beef BBQ sandwich ($3.10--think Sloppy Joe, not pulled pork) is magnificent on its own or with a banana milk shake ($2.50 small, $3 medium, $3.75 large, $4.75 quart [!]). There are two kinds of burgers: traditional fried hamburger patties and Stewart's own "steamburgers" ($2.20, with cheese $2.50)--don't ask me the difference, I can't tell 'em apart by blind taste test. Both are chunky, flavorful patties with fresh fixings that put to shame the pre-pressed, soy-impregnated so-called burgers at other fast-food restaurants.

The place has soul. And chili cheese fries ($3.15 small, $4 large). And a kick-ass root-beer float ($2.50 small, $3 medium, $3.75 large, $4.75 quart) made, of course, with Stewart's own root beer.

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