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Mount Olympus

Baltimore, MD 

Mount Olympus

Phone:(410) 752-2963

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 8/6/2003

New York may be hella expensive when it comes to rent and bottled beer, but the cheap-eat options on their streets can easily take you from Monday to Friday without breaking a fiver per lunch. Now Lexington Market is pure Baltimore, but c'mon, it feels a little bit like New York around lunchtime--and that's a good thing. Just watch your back and relax into the slightly chaotic Lex scene by skipping the browsing and heading straight to Mount Olympus, a Greek eatery with one big, fat, tasty falafel sandwich ($4.95). Ask for it with everything (minus olives--seriously, they aren't the super Greek ones) and a dash of hot sauce. The fresh pita is grilled, spread with hummus, and topped with two large falafels (after having been smashed up on the grill), along with a tomato/cuke/onion/feta salad, green pepper, romaine lettuce, oil and vinegar, and more feta. Comes with a bag of Utz and a fork. Plus they cut the sucker in half, knowing you might take some of that bitch home.

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