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Address:3700 Gough St.
Baltimore, MD 21224

More on DiPasquale's.

By Christopher Skokna | Posted 2/25/2004

Di Pasquale's, in Highlandtown, is justly famous for its affordable and delicious sandwiches and subs. And recent samplings of its Real Italian sandwich ($5.50, various cold cuts and provolone, topped with "everything"), Calabrese sandwich ($5.50, provolone, artichoke hearts, sweet pepper strips, olives, and other veggies), and meatball sub ($6.95, served on a huge half-loaf of Di Pasquale's fresh-baked, yummy bread) all proved terrific. In recent months, however, Di P.'s has been adding more and more tempting daily entrée specials to the dry-erase board above your sandwich makers' heads, and, according to signs posted on the front door, the place will "soon" start serving dinner Friday nights.

If dinner means more of those lunch specials, then Di Pasquale's will "soon" be the Friday-night place to be. On our most recent visit--after appetizers of tomato and mozzarella salad ($3.95, featuring delectable handmade cheese) and bruschetta (free; as Omnivore's Richard Gorelick said last week about Soo's Kimchee House, "This happens here")--we sampled a couple of pastas. The pleasantly surprising chicken lasagna ($6.95) featured artichoke, roasted sweet peppers, and hard-boiled egg (?!) in addition to the requisite pasta, sauce, cheese, and chicken. Even better was the three-cheese ravioli and eggplant ($9.95). The different cheese fillings, as expected, were all very good, but we didn't foresee the eggplant, which was meltingly tender, lacking any bitterness, and delicious (perhaps the best we've ever tasted). Bring on "soon."

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