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Hidden Bean

The Hidden Bean

This location is closed

By Waris Banks | Posted 11/5/2003

The Hidden Bean in Bolton Hill is a java joint that also serves soups, salads, and sandwiches. Typically, we're hesitant to order food at a coffee joint because its often pricey and the portions are often miniscule. But the Greek salad we ordered ($5.25) was larger than we expected: fresh green lettuce topped with colorful tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, and peppers, served with a creamy dressing. The ham and cheese pita ($4.79), which can be ordered either hot or cold, wasn't a memorable sandwich. (Are there really any truly memorable ham and cheese sandwiches?) But the Hidden Bean is certainly worth a return visit--not so much for the food but for the cozy Latin-inspired atmosphere that includes samba and salsa music and original paintings from local artists. Plus, the Bean has an extensive list of coffees. Trying the coffee will have to come later, though, because it's way too hot to drink it this week.

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