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Sofi's Crepes

Address:1723 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Christopher Skokna | Posted 4/7/2004

It takes a little while to learn how to make a perfect crêpe, and the folks at Sofi's Crepes--the tiny new yellow-painted takeout joint crammed between the Charles and Everyman theaters--have just about got it. While the vanilla-scented crêpes are plenty eggy and buttery, they're a little too thick and doughy. That thickness could be a good thing, though, since these are crêpes you grab and gnaw on while walking (though there are a few sidewalk tables out front, and you're free to eat them in the Charles' lobby), and they can get messy.

Either way, Sofi's is a solid addition to its block. On our first visit, we tried a couple "savory" crêpes: one with ham, Gruyère, and Dijon, and another with bacon, avocado, tomato, and sour cream (both $7). While all the ingredients were of good quality, the mustard overwhelmed its mates, and we could barely taste the cheese; the sour cream, however, blended in nicely. Next visit, we shared the daily special, chicken stroganoff ($8), and each got a "sweet" crêpe. The special's filling, which could have come off as cream of mushroom soup, was saved by the bite of its white wine sauce. And both sweet crêpes--a Banana Royale featuring homemade butterscotch and a create-your-own with strawberries and Nutella (both $5)--were excellent, perfect for dessert or a sweet-tooth breakfast.

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