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O.K. Oriental Food

Address:Northeast Market
2101 E. Monument St.
Baltimore, MD 21205

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Posted 3/31/2004

Ever wonder where the scientists at Johns Hopkins University's Medical Campus eat? They chow down at the Northeast Market. It may not have the rep of the Cross Street, Lexington, or Broadway markets, but it too is stuffed with interesting and thrifty lunch options. Speaking of being stuffed, after a meal at O.K. Oriental Food, a Korean stand in the market, we could barely move. For just $5.25 we got a heaping pile of greasy but not slimy noodles, chicken, and two vegetables. It was easily two meals' worth of food. The grilled chicken wasn't exciting, but it was a generous serving. For added flavor, get the Jesus Love You sauce for 25 cents. The tangy barbecue sauce certainly gives the chicken some extra oomph. Oh, and the sauce is called Jesus Love You because it sits beneath a sign that says jesus loves you.

The items that really shine at O.K. Oriental are the vegetables. One lunch mate got fried rice and four vegetables ($4.50), her plate piled high with amazingly crunchy string beans, crisp sprouts, and smooth spinach. Even the broccoli--a mushy fiasco at most food stands--was wonderfully firm. We especially liked the pickled carrots and cucumbers, a little spicy but useful as a great palate cleanser. With all that food for such a low price, O.K. Oriental Food's name really sells the place short.

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