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Café Dujour

This location is closed

By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 7/28/2004

Café Dujour is a small breakfast and lunch counter on Hampden’s main drag. It offers the basics: eggs, griddle cakes, and egg sandwiches for breakfast, hamburgers, sandwiches, and four types of cheese steak for lunch. On my first trip I asked for a chicken salad sandwich, but they were out, so I settled for tuna ($4.50). The tuna soaked through the bread, turning the whole thing into a bland mushball that I couldn’t finish. My friend had a cheeseburger ($4.50) that featured two paper-thin patties and a slab of yellow cheese. She marveled at how much it tasted like a McDonald’s hamburger, and she didn’t mean it as a compliment.

But the hard-working woman behind the counter, who chats with customers while manning the grill, was such a sweetheart that I decided to go back, hoping that breakfast was Dujour’s forte. So I got an egg sandwich ($1.50). This time, I was hardly surprised that the sandwich was a grease bomb, but I wasn’t expecting the bacon to be so limp and undercooked.

Finally, I figured if Dujour’s small menu gives four slots to cheese steak, that must be their specialty, so I returned yet again. The mushroom cheese steak ($4.50) was identical to every other mushroom cheese steak in town. Personally, I’m sticking with the french fries ($1.50)—crunchy and golden with just the right amount of grease—and staying away from everything else.

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