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Wagon Wheel Restaurant

Address:17114 York Road
Hereford, MD 21120

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By Michelle Gienow | Posted 8/11/2004

The Wagon Wheel is a great place to keep in mind if you’re out having summer adventures in northern Baltimore County, tubing on Gunpowder Falls or biking on the NCRR Trail. Plus, I have two words for you: homemade pie. The restaurant is crammed into a tiny house, tables bumping against each other, and during peak mealtimes strangers are often seated together. The pressure is to keep things moving by making a quick decision from the surprisingly large menu—there’s often a line of hungry diners at the door.

To save time, trust me and order Dolly’s Treat ($6.10), a club sandwich filled with sliced fried chicken breast and bacon strips, heart-stopping good. The hand-formed burgers are very good, too; a favorite is the CB Burger ($5.40), a cheeseburger with all the fixins plus excellent extra-crispy fries. Homemade soups, a new one each day, are always choice; get the soup and sandwich deal where $5.25 buys a cup of soup and “half” a sandwich so generously filled it’s pretty much a whole one.

Don’t miss the house specialty, a half-foot of onion rings ($3), and do save room for pie ($1.85-$2.25). The usual suspects—coconut cream, lemon meringue—are good, but better are the fruit pies. There’s usually a seasonal pie—right now it’s blueberry—and always the scrumptious apple-cranberry. Ask for it heated, ice cream on the side, and then waddle your check up to the counter. One last tip: no credit cards accepted.

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